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Photobooth rental!

Crazyphoto is a premium quality touch screen photo machine, also known as photo booth. All you have to do is find the funniest setting in front of the machine, put on some accessories and get the printed photo immediately.

Would you like to remember a moment forever? Do you want a memory that isn’t just hiding somewhere on your phone? Crazyphoto!

Fotóautomata készülék
Jókedvű emberek használják a fotóuatomatát
Fotóautomata készülék
Fiatalaok a fotóautomata előtt, különböző kiegészítőkkel
Fiatalok nézik az elkészült képeket a fotóautomata előtt

Photo booth for rent

The perfect selfie machine that will make every event unforgettable. Just one touch and it takes the craziest selfie of your life.

Once the machine is set up, it will be the central element of the event, as it puts a smile on everyone’s face. Its outstanding quality is ensured by a professional SLR camera, studio flash and lab-quality printer enclosed in a box.

Rent a photo booth for your upcoming event!

A fotóautomata által kinyomtatott képek

Our Plans

Choose the plan that offers you the most or ask for a special offer!

3 órás csomag


170 EUR

3 hours of availability

Includes 70 printed photos/ Unlimited printed photos

4 órás csomag

Medium Party

250 EUR

4 hours of availability

Unlimited printed photos

Free Photo Book

5 órás csomag

Mega Party

300 EUR

5 hours of availability

Unlimited printed photos

Free Photo Book

6 órás csomag


340 EUR

5 hours of availability

Unlimited printed photos

Free Photo Book

Extra services

Unlimited numbers of printed photos for our „Mini” plan: 45 EUR/hour

Extra availability and assistance for any choosen plan 60 EUR/hour

Fieldwork pricing

Fieldwork within Budapest is free.

Fieldwork outside of Budapest costs 0,25 EUR/km

Our prices are VAT free. 

Included in our plans

All our plans provide the following services


Fieldwork within the territory of Budapest is completely free


Most of our plans inlcude unlimited number of printed and digital photos during rental.


We assist and help you throughout the whole rental period


We provide GIF and Boomerang function also


We have a crazy amount of props, so everyone can find something


It's one of the best photobooth of the market. Super SLR camera, a studio flash, and a lab-quality photo printer.

Fits you like a glove

Customized text (name, company, logo)


All photos can be e-mailed instantly

Online gallery

We provide unlimited acces to an online gallery with all the photos.

What do we need?

In order to function the machine properly, you need to provide the following conditions


220V power supply to function the machine and the flashes

4 m2

4 m2 – A minimum area of 2x2 meters is needed to set up the device and the background


We need a place next to the machine where we can place all the props


Choose our classic white background or choose any of our other backgrounds that are suitable for any occasion. If you want a completely unique solution, please contact us and we make it possible!

absztrakt mintázatú háttér
levél mintázatú háttér
polygon mintázatú háttér
artdeco, elegáns mintázatú háttér
Art deco
bokeh mintázatú háttér
bokeh mintázatú háttér
Bokeh 2
zsúr és cukorka témájú háttér
városi mintázatú háttér
zöld háttér
Green - provides unlimited solutions


Please enter your personal information and the details of the event and we contact you as soon as possible. The order will be valid after our written confirmation.

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Or contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

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Crazyphoto is a professional photo studio enclosed in a box. It has everything you need to take the perfect photograph: a super SLR camera, a computer that controls the software and the touch screen, a studio flash, and a lab-quality photo printer.

Just select the props, pick up the funniest pose. Our operator starts the 5 seconds timer and the picture is ready. In a few seconds, you can hold the printed image in your hands.

By default, we work with the traditional photo size, 10 × 15 paper, but in case of an individual agreement, it is also possible to make 15 × 20 cm size prints.

The machine is fully automatic and easy to operate via the touch screen. Nevertheless, we provide a kind staff throughout the whole rental period who help guests take the perfect picture.

The device itself does not take up much space. However, a small space is needed to the background and to be able to keep the appropriate distance from the machine (min .: 1.5m). In total, a minimum area of 2×2 meters is needed to set up the device.

Our unlimited packages provide unlimited photo printing, depending on the availability. There are no loopholes, we really print as many pictures as you want!

Yes! A few days after the event, we will provide access to the full gallery of the photos taken at the event.

If the machine is placed at a right distance, up to 10-12 people can fit in one picture.

We have lots of funny props and are constantly expanding our inventory. We provide funny glasses, hats, inflatable instruments, necklaces, masks. We also pay attention to thematic props, such as: Christmas, wedding, birthday, etc.

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